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How IslandPower enables on Shore communities transition to a sustainable and renewable economy  

Energy Returns On Investment

Why invest in energy?

Energy is intrinsically valuable: energy is not priced in dollars, dollars are priced in energy.

Energy returns are always positive at a time when $17trn USD receive negative returns. 

Edge Fund - energy development returns reflect development risk. 

ECO Treasury - long term energy infrastructure funding offers stable energy returns.

Edge Fund

Smart development 

An Edge Fund is a revolving pool of development finance, technology and skills within a Capital Partnership agreement. 

Development Partners manage development and share in up-lift. 


Once the initial development is complete Capital and Development Partners exit to long term infrastructure investors and managers.



ECO Treasury 

Smart currency

Energy Credit Obligation (ECO) - is a credit accepted in exchange for value and returnable in payment for energy supply.

Community "Treasury" issues ECO to long term investors in respect of shared energy production


Issuance overseen by energy "Mint" with 

shared ECO ledger ("Exchequer") providing  transparency 

External (technology and financial) investors receive a long term stable energy return in ECOs.

External investors may sell to each other or to islanders at a discount for redemption in payment for energy supply. 

Islanders may prepay for energy use and lock-in price by purchasing ECOs. 

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